Elisator Project
ELISA assays Python tool

What is Elisator?

Elisator is a Python software application developed for Maemo N800 devices to make ELISA assays

Logo based in "glider" or hacker's emblem

Why have we done it?

ELISA assays are a biomechanical technique used to to detect the presence of an antibody or an antigen in a sample. This technique can be used to study the health of cattle in poor countries, and help people to slaughter those ill animals than could be a risk for their families.

The assay is usually done using a micro-titer plate, and expensive machines to analyze the plates. So, it would be hard for people in poor countries to make these assays, so we have thought about using portable devices to analyze the plates, and that's the reason for this project.

Elisator has been developed as a prototype of what a portable device with a camera and enough power could do.